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There was a time, and not so long ago at that, when computer repair used to mean having some guy in a Red Dwarf t shirt come round, tinker for hours with a load of boxes and then tell you you’d be better off upgrading your whole system. He’d talk in numbers – model numbers, serial numbers, the cost of a new PC – until you weren’t sure what was up, what was down and who was who: but you’d just spend two thousand quid on a new desktop tower. Fortunately for all of us, things have changed quite a lot in the last couple of years. These days, computer repairs are a little bit more user informed, and computers themselves are a lot less likely to have the kind of fatal collapse that Mr Red Dwarf used to usher out in the bad times. That said, PC repair is still, for most of us, something of an arcane practice – a sort of modern wizardry whereby smartly qualified young men and women turn up at one’s house or place of work, make a few mystic passes over an assortment of metal thingamajigs packed in anti static bags, and resurrect an apparently collapsed machine from the dead. What we’re trying to say is, although computers themselves have gotten a lot better than they used to be, a lot sturdier and more reliable; and although we, the users and consumers, have a far greater understanding of the kinds of things that make pc repairs necessary: we still don’t really have a clue what to do, when that infamous blue or black screen of death appears and the darn thing starts telling us “no”. Modern computer repairs, in that respect, are just as mystifying as old style computer repair. And that means we need to be able to trust the people who are doing the repairing. So – how does one tell whether one’s pc repair company, individual or whatever (or, indeed, whoever) is up to scratch? Price is always a good indicator. Look for an outfit that has a clearly explicable pricing structure – like, for example, the single cost callout charge levied by computer repair London outfit Computer Repair. Computer Repair London have been making a bit of a name for themselves recently, with a kind of combination backup, assistance and repair philosophy that effectively delivers an IT department to the home. It’s a service that seems ideally situated to bring succour both to home users and small businesses – and it’s becoming a model that normal home and SME type computer owners can use to judge the quality of their own computer repairs. Simple, swift, open handed and honest, are the catch words: which means clients know exactly what they are going to pay before anyone turns up on their doorstep; they are told immediately if anything needs replacing; they’re advised on the best course of action to pursue in order to prevent their problem from happening again; and they don’t get charged for anything that isn’t used or doesn’t need to be done. That, one might think, is all very well – but how is it possible to tell in advance whether one’s pc repair London (or anywhere else, for that matter) outfit is up to scratch? Well, a look on the Internet isn’t a bad place to start. With every one and his or her dog on the Internet these days, it’s becoming pretty easy to tell the good guys from the not so good: you just take a look at their sites. Any pc repairs company with a dodgy looking site can be ignored immediately; any computer repair outfit whose site doesn’t clearly explain their pricing and expectations should go, too; and any computer repairs concern that doesn’t tell a site visitor what they do and don’t do as standard should also be consigned to the rejects pile. Even a simple trawl through your local repair outfits ought to cull the available options significantly – leaving you, almost certainly, with a choice of the better companies. Ultimately, one’s computer repair London (or, as we’ve said, anywhere else) company is probably going to be chosen according to two things: how much they charge, and how quickly they can do the work. Again, Computer Repair London is as good an example as any of an attractive way to structure customer expectations. Their pricing structure is clearly explained – indeed, it’s effectively documented in writing, so there can be no confusion. A customer for this particular pc repair London outfit knows exactly what he or she can expect to pay to have his or her problem diagnosed (and, nine times out of ten, fixed) before he or she has even made a phone call. And the expectations side of things – in terms of attendance time and what will happen should a representative not be able to get to the computer in question within the normal time frame – is just as visibly recorded. No surprises, no ifs, no buts. That’s the way to run any business, of course – it’s certainly the way to run a modern computer repair company. Why? Because computing has made us all addicted to rapidity. Everything is supposed to happen right this instant, because that’s the way it happens in the virtual world. This has led to extraordinary time constraints being placed on pc repair. A small business, faced with a string of angry clients (all of whom seem to have temporarily forgotten that life works slower when computers are dying) who want their emails, their confirmations, their orders yesterday, simply can’t afford to wait too long to have its computers fixed. Ultimately, the best computer repair for any customer is the one that gets them up and running again in the shortest space of time – and helps them find ways not to get into that situation again. Any person or company looking for the right pc repairs outfit really has only this to ask: can they cure my computer, and can they instigate prevention measures so it doesn’t need curing again? All good modern computer repairs companies will do exactly that – and their web sites should give a pretty huge clue as to whether they are the real deal or not. Computer Repair London is a good place to start - they'll perform the consultation for free, only charging for any action they might need to take. You can get a free consultation by calling their London exchange - 0208 144 3980 or by visiting their site, computer repair, computer repair London. And don't worry - that's one location we guarantee is safe. Compare computer repair Computer repair London on Facebook


Computer repair in London

You live in London? You computer is broken? Don't know who to call or where to fix your PC? This guide will help you decide which computer repair method is most suitable for you. 

First of all check what kind of PC or laptop repair do you need. If your computer does not start at all, make beeping sounds or gives you a blue screen when loading windows this is probably hardware fault. In that case you need to bring your computer to PC repair workshop. Computer repair engineers need to check what kind or fault is that and change faulty parts. This can take from 1 to 7 days to. To find your local computer repair centre just check local newspapers or put your postcode with "computer repair" in google search.

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If your computer has software issue you can call PC repair engineer and he will come to your home or office and fix all software problems. This can take up to 2 hours. And even computer repair technician is able to backup all your personal data (even if windows doesn't start). If you book before 12am, your computer can be fixed same day.

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